otp meme: 5 kisses
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Reblogging this for the second time today because of how he inhales and holds on to her bottom lip, and there is no convincing me that she’s not biting his top lip at the same time.

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@IMBrettDalton: Watch out . Hydra’s storming the Castle!” (x)

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When my grandma died I found this in her room, I laughed so hard and I made me much more happy



When the bough breaksthe cradle will fall.

Oh man the hope and anticipation on her face when he starts with “I was thinking…”. So ready to be asked on a date. So ready.

And we wanna talk about the last gif? She’s staring at him as saying “Yeah, anybody, except you, but the problem is that I JUST want you”.

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my mom once told me that writing your feelings down or drawing them out is very therapeutic and relaxing 


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it sucks being the ugly quiet rude sarcastic emotionally unstable friend with the attention span of a goldfish

i’ve never read something so accurate

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impossibile non rebloggare, aiuto

you don’t really see enough of this.

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There are so many people who love this guy and this story.

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48 years ago a girl said “oh fuck me” to her best friend while walking in the street, a guy who randomly passed by answered by “let me at least buy you dinner first”. I present to you my grandparents, in love since then and celebrating their 47 years of marriage today.

grandpa got game

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Oh, so many layers to the Beckett onion, how ever will you peel them all.

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